Décor Solutions in a Form of Art Glass

Art glass seems to be a décor solution suitable for almost any room in the house. The obvious place where we can find a number of glass pieces is a dining room. Art glass platters, lighting, decorative pieces are more than appropriate here. The kitchen is yet another space at home where art glass becomes a wonderful addition to the overall décor. A glass art centerpiece is never out of place when sitting on an island or a countertop. Even the cabinet glass handles or glass backsplash which become trendy nowadays can often represent a quality of art. However, the living room is the most convenient place to have art glass displayed. Beautifully crafted bowls, vases, centerpieces are visually extremely appealing and represent a testament to the artisan whose vision has been trapped in this piece of art.

Style and luxury embodied in art glass can be easily transferred to your home décor via beautiful wall sconces, sculptures, tiles, chandeliers or home accessories. Addition of art glass pieces into any room’s décor provides an opportunity to play around with choices for decoration. Art glass accessories are home décor pieces which can easily focus the eye, are accessible and represent value for any budget.
Although glass pieces become more and more accessible, we need to make sure that the glass we choose for home décor represents real art. We need to keep in mind that cheap replicas and pieces claiming to be art glass, and in reality manufactured on a massive scale overseas, are very common and attract potential owners with lower prices tags. And although you do not need to travel to become an owner of a perfect Murano piece, you need to do your homework and know how to distinguish a real piece of Murano art glass from a cheap replica.

Using art glass in your home décor adds colour and personality, as well as brings vitality to any space. Its durability and timeless appeal makes art glass a great option when deciding on home décor accessories. If you choose a piece which reflects your personality, it will have a great flow between itself and the rest of the space. Balance in the area of the house you’d like to incorporate art glass in should be kept. You know that the glass décor is right for your home if it says something about your personality and leads to a relaxed atmosphere.

Smartly chosen piece of art glass will complement any room’s décor and become a focal point. It can be said that glass possesses a personality as it is strong and fragile at the same time. “It’s cold and hard, it shatters and makes you bleed but it is thrilling to bend it to one’s wishes,” says Julie Doetsch, a New Brunswick glass artist.
Function, colour and shape of a glass piece you wish to display should be taken into consideration. If you wish to achieve a timeless climate in a room, pick black, white or red pieces. If you wish to be trendier, and on top of what is fashionable nowadays, choose a piece in, for example turquoise. It has been noticed that simple, but elegant kiln-formed and fused glass is regaining its popularity. While glass adds texture and colour into the room, it makes the space more lively and fun.

Art glass, whether a fused glass piece intended to be a decoration only, or a hand blown vase carrying spring time flowers, should be in every home.

Designing and Creating a Cosy Home

There truly is no better place to be than at home, surrounded by your very own creature comforts. For some, a stark minimalistic home might be the ideal environment to relax; for others a cosy home full of knick-knacks and walls filled with photographs and paintings is more ideal. Whatever your taste in interior taste, you do not have to be a top designer to create the perfect home that suits you.

I personally prefer a clutter-free environment, although I also like a home with a warm cosy feel. A tidy but homely interior can be created by using the right colours, fabrics and furniture. Soft neutral colours on the walls always work well for me, as I like to add colour and texture with colourful soft furnishings. A plain sofa can be livened up with a textured throw and big soft brightly coloured cushions, and a brightly coloured rug looks fabulous on a plain wooden floor. Keeping a tidy home is also important, so purchase space saving furniture; a tall book case and shelving on the walls to display your books and curios will create a clutter-free, pleasant environment.

Wall-covering on just one wall in a room, using colourful wallpaper, can create a bold, dramatic effect. By papering just one wall means that you can maybe afford to purchase high quality expensive wallpaper that will add a real touch of class to a room. Choose a wall for this focal point, for example the fireplace or the wall with your bed-head and maybe pick out a neutral colour in the pattern and paint the other walls in this shade.

Lighting is also very important when trying to create a cosy, homely feel. Try to avoid bright lights and opt for softer forms of lighting which can be achieved in many ways. The use of lampshades creates a homelier feel, and up-lighters can create a softer mood. The use of mirrors can reflect light to help create the illusion of more space. A large mirror opposite a wallpapered wall will reflect both the pattern and light. Remember to consider the finish on your paint too as a more shiny finish will reflect more light. If you are looking for a surface without too much glare, chose a paint with a matt finish.

Creating the perfect home interior that suits you, need not be expensive. Shop around on the Internet for great deals and ideas and in no time you can achieve that interior designer feel. Your home environment is very important for your well-being, so choose well, include your every day comforts and do not be afraid to be bold with your designs!

Beach Decor Has Endless Possibilities

From muted and tranquil to bright and tropical the beaches of the world offer an endless array of possibilities for decorating your home. The colors and type of beach decor you choose to use will define the theme. Regardless of which style you prefer beach themed decorating involves the use of natural materials.

* Seashells are an universal symbol of the beach. They can be used in a beach themed home in unlimited ways. Picture frames embellished with seashells are perfect for those special vacation pictures. Put them out where you can see them because you know they’ll make you smile! Display shells that you’ve collected or purchased in glass containers or vintage frames. Mirrors surrounded by seashells are a classy and fun way to bring a bit of the beach into any space in your home. Just think how much more interesting a space would be if you just replaced the existing mirror with one showcasing seashells. Instant ambience!

* Organic textures are a must. Rocks, sand, grass, trees and driftwood create a lot of the atmosphere at the coast. Bring those elements into your home by using natural materials in your beach decor. Display a beautiful piece of driftwood or pebbles you’ve collected. Wreaths made from grapevine and decorated with beach themed items are a great way to bring the outdoors in. Place a woven throw in a neutral shade on a chair or couch to create texture.

* Foliage is another important element that will help create a beach atmosphere. The plants can be real or artificial depending on your ability to care for them and the climate of your home. Orchids, Birds of Paradise and hibiscus would add a pop of color. Combine these with a palm or two and you’ll feel like you’re in the tropics. Tall, wavy grasses such as pampas grass will evoke a light and airy feel. Make sure you use a combination of plants with different textures which is the way they grow at the beach.

Whatever your style preference make it your own by using things you may already have and adding unique and interesting items as you go along. Whether it’s a room or your whole house small changes through the use of beach themed accessories will make a big difference. Part of the appeal of any beach is the wide open spaces so recreate that feeling in your home by keeping your decor simple and uncluttered. You want your beach themed home to be inviting and relaxing, not cluttered and overdone. Use decor that is both calming and fun, throw in some unexpected surprises that make it unique and you are well on your way to having a home that will make everyone want to kick off their shoes and relax.


lighting your open or enclosed metal carport

Getting An Interior Designer

Getting an Interior Designer
Buying a house is just the first step in creating a home. With this you can suddenly realize that your stuffy couch and dull colored walls don’t suit the sleek design of your condor. Or your place just looks like a home in the 70s.
To help solve these problems and rejuvenate your home, many people turn to interior designers for advice. But with the ever increasing costs on virtually anything, it is important to spend your money wisely. This you can do by choosing an affordable designer and selecting the best, but cheaper design materials to suit your budget.
Interior designers can help you with all your design and lighting needs. They can help you with ideas that will turn your house into a beautiful home, something that won’t embarrass you when you have friends over.
Below are some tips on getting a good interior designer.
1. Do not be afraid to ask. If you find that someone’s home is nicely designed and you want the same for yours, ask them and if possible get the details and information about their designer.
2. Be well organized. Before you go on seeking the services of a designer, first gather all your information in one piece.
• Budget
• Size of space
• Who and what is the space for
• What will the space be used for
• The time frame for the design process completion
3. Be confident and don’t let anyone or anything rush you into making a decision. Take your time and ensure that you are making the right choice.
4. Interview different people especially those that may be interested in doing your design job. If possible get them to come and view the space.
5. Get samples of work. Make sure that any designer you interview has got samples. View any of their previous work and or something professional.
6. Before getting someone to do your home ensure that you both have an understanding and your ideas are on the same line. Listen to what your designer has to say and feel free to make contributions.
7. Make a research. Don’t get taken advantage of by someone who may overprice you. Take time to shop around and find out how much such a job would cost as well as the time frame. This will give you a price range of what to expect.
8. Get an upfront cost of how much the whole job will cost including the materials.
9. Put down everything in writing. Your budget, price layout and all the relevant details. Make sure that everything is on paper and if possible get you and your designer to sign it.
The thought of having your home re-designed and decorated can be a very fun and exciting experience. Regardless this take your time on everything and don’t just agree to anything and everything beforehand.
Make sure to the get the most from designer and get your home designed to just the way you love it.

Beautiful Stained Glass Windows for That Magical Touch

Stained glass windows designs are architectural features that have been into existence since times. Such captivating windows were generally found in churches and monasteries in the ancient times. They usually represented biblical scenes or flowers or other geometrical shapes that used to cast a spell on anyone who took a glimpse at them. Regardless of being a hypnotic design from the Gothic times, it seems as if there has still been a enormous rise in the popularity of such enthralling stained glass windows.

People have perceived a difference between such impressive windows to be brought to homes of those who are affluent and those who want them to be seen at the churches or monasteries because they hold a notion that these windows reflect an aesthetic sense only at pious and religious places. Nevertheless, there are innumerable people who truly appreciate that having such mesmerizing windows really add a sense of magnificence at their homes. These windows when mounted at homes set it apart from the rest.

It is highly recommended that you get stained glass windows installed at your home as they prove to be worthy for one time investment as far as the interior refurbishing of your house is concerned. When you see the light passing through the windows, you would be delighted to see your home being absorbed in vibrant colors, which would add more life to the ambiance of your home.

Undoubtedly, windows are the most striking architectural trait of a building. They play a very imperative role as far as design and appearance are concerned and have been deeply contributed to the levels of contentment, well-being and efficiency of the building’s occupiers. If you go for installation of these beautiful windows at home, it certainly gives a graceful look that is pleasing to the eyes of your guests. You would be left with any words to elucidate the feeling when your room would be illuminated through natural lighting. It would provide you an atmosphere that is enriched in luminosity.

When you are on the brink of refurbishing the interiors of your home, the stained glass window film comes up with a striking feature. The sole intention of these transparent windows films is to safeguard the privacy of the home owner and his beloved ones without obstructing the sunlight into the rooms. These films ensure that the sunlight is not blocked and to let them come inside the room and light up the interiors in a normal way. Such films prove to be a unique option for those new and existing homes that are willing to take care of the interiors at a low cost.

Designing the Interiors of your Home

In interior design, choosing a style to make a space or room complete is one of the more difficult things to do. There are so many different styles out there that can easily distract a designer to figure out what would be the best to use, especially if the designer is not lucky enough to meet or understand the person he or she is designing the space for. The styles or themes can vary from periodical to contemporary to futuristic.

Periodic interior design usually follows a period. Some can consider the Victorian era which would have included elements from the Renaissance or Queen Anne if they want to appear more organized and classic. Others might find it better to use Louis XVI themes to appear more high and prominent. However, if the room is to fit someone who does not want any clutter as much as possible, an interior designer may want to consider the Minimalist style where all materials being considered will focus on the fundamental features.

In contemporary, designers are freer to intertwine pieces and styles of different periods and create a fusion style. Here, you may see a Zen design with touches of futuristic furniture. Or an interior designer might feel that the Indian style room she’s created needs to have a touch of American decorations. Contemporary Interior designing allows one to mix and match their design styles.

Futuristic interior design has a more unconventional look. It uses materials and designs that are not common in our day or in the past. Most futuristic designs use the color white with just touches of black or any other color that contrast each other. Spaces with a futuristic theme also consider the shapes of the walls or the rooms. These rooms usually give you the freedom to live imaginatively.

There are so many things to consider when you are trying to design a space, but the theme you use is what makes the space complete. Although you may be creative in interior designing, keep in mind that the theme should match its purpose as well.

If you are not sure about how to interior decorate your home, you may seek help from experts or companies who specialize in designing the interiors of your home. A simple search in google will lead you to these experts and companies. When choosing, check the background of the expert or company you are interested to hire and ask for samples of previous work.

Textured Wallpapers

Thinking about getting textured wallpapers? A plain wall will only make an appeal to a person who has a plain personality, which is that of simplicity and nothingness. Although this does not necessarily mean that a person who is plain and simple is boring and unlikeable, it definitely means that only a person whose personality is in line with a plain and simple wall will be able to carry that kind of design (or non-design) with such appeal. If you happen to have a wall that is plain and has no design at and you find very unappealing to you, of course, it is best that you do something to make it likeable to you because remember, your home must energize you therefore it should be the place where you are most relaxed.

Painting your walls wouldn’t be a bad move for this matter. After all, painting the walls can be a fun activity, yet the problem with painting the walls is that you have to keep your fixtures and furniture away from the wall for a while, not to mention that you must also resist against the smell of the paint. This is why wall papers can serve this purpose better. Aside from being easily attachable to your walls, it is also very easy to replace them from time to time. Most of all, the designs of wall papers are more intricate and aesthetically uniform when compared to the design of painted patterns.

Of all the kinds of wallpapers, the best one and most recommended kind to stick to your wall are the textured wallpapers. This kind of wallpapers is not only designed intricately but can also bring a livelier ambiance to the walls of your room, especially if the wallpapers come hand in hand with the fixtures and furniture in that particular room. Going for a textured one instead of a plain one is always the better choice, at least in terms of aesthetic matters. Think of comparing plain wallpapers and textured wallpaper in this way: plain wallpaper is an artwork painted by an artist using water colors in a thin sheet of paper. On the other hand, textured wallpaper is like a painting where the artist used oil or acrylic to add life and depth to the artwork which is painted in a canvass. This analogy indeed makes textured wallpaper the undeniably better choice against plain wallpapers.

However, textured wallpapers are of course not perfect. They also carry along with them some disadvantages like in terms of cleaning and maintenance. Most textured wallpapers, especially the grass cloth type and the fabric type, are not very easy to clean. This is because of the very densely knitted cloth fiber that makes the grass cloth and the fabric wallpaper more difficult to clean. Yet, there are also some textured type wallpapers that are a lot easier to clean even when compared to plain wallpapers. Vinyl wallpapers are the ones that can make an almost perfect combination between cleaning, maintenance, and most of all, in terms of design.

The use of bean bag chairs as furniture

Bean bag chairs are the new craze in furniture. It is the new addition of the chairs in the decoration of a house. It is considering as a very popular element in the house furniture. It is considered as the favorite in offices too. Bean bag chairs are found in different shapes and sizes. Several reasons make the bean bag chairs hit in furniture. The comfort of the chair to sit in is the number one reason of the hit. It can be used by any aged people and they can have instant relaxation. Bean bag chairs move away the fixed shapes ordinary chairs. These chairs have a very stylish and decorative look. Bean bag chairs are so flexible that it can take the shape of the buttocks and hips of the user. Bean bag chairs are much more better to use than the ergonomic chairs.

Some bean bag chairs have a patch for protection and safety that keep away children from opening the zipper of the chair. This patch protects the children from content of the bean bag chairs that can cause possible harm if it got empty. While playing with the bean bag chairs, children could suffocate by the contents accidentally. Te beads are held with the help of an inner liner. Name embroidering can be used as a design of bean bag chairs. Many companies are providing this design service nowadays. Most houses replaced furniture like chairs with the bean bag chairs. Family and children rooms are normally selected to place the bean bag chairs. Besides the functional purpose, bean bag chairs have decorative look too.

In the inner decoration of the house, bean bag chairs have become the favorite choice of people. These chairs are soft and very comfortable and excellent for gaming. Bean bag chairs became popular because of its stylish look, ideal use way for kids, and affordable rate. Bean bag chairs contain many designs like denim, tapestries, leather, faux suede, cotton, camouflage, vinyl prints, fun fur, and many more. People are able to select their design, as they like from online or provider company with a suitable budget.

Bean bag chairs also support the back. No rigid back supports are included in bean bag chairs like ordinary chairs. The back of the user gently contoured by bean bag chairs that give relaxation and prevents from back pain. Bean bag chairs are available in different shapes and materials. Some bean bag chairs materials are washable. Foam and beads are used to fill it. A home can accentuate by its cuddy and cute look.

Wood Picture Frames

As you can imagine, the main use for wood picture frames would be to frame your important pictures and family memories. These are some of the most common ones that you can find in the stores, and they tend to be rather durable and sturdy. You do not have to buy the ones in the stores if you do not want to, as you can find wood frames that are not painted or adorned just yet and then you can do what you want with them. These are also great for children when you want an idea for a craft. They can have fun with them just as easily as you could.

Wood picture frames come in all sizes and shapes. You can find the traditional eight by ten size as well as something as small as one by two inches. Some are round and some are in other shapes too. You can get what works with your pictures and then do what you want with them. If you choose to buy pre-painted ones, you can usually find them in just about any color you can think of and in any size you wish. Some are rather inexpensive, but they can also be the ones that fall off the wall. Make sure they are going to stay put before you choose them.

If you are going to buy plain wood picture frames, you can have fun with them. If you are doing summer pictures up to hang on the wall, you may want to paint them in a fun summer colour like yellow and then find some daisies to glue along the outside of the frame. You can get wood ones that you can paint on your own, and most craft stores carry these. You can also get fake daisies like you would use in a flower arrangement or perhaps you find magnets that you can glue on the frame. Do what you think will look good with your pictures.

You do not have to put pictures into your wood picture frames. You may want to save a special piece of artwork that your child did at home or in school and then frame it in a wooden frame. This is a great way to save something you find to be special, and it will also make your child feel as if they are a valued part of the family. These pieces can last a long time when they are put into picture frames and hung on the wall. The glass in the frames protects these pictures from everything in the air. Make sure they are not in the sun or they will fade eventually.

Buy wood picture frames in bulk if you want to use them for crafts. You can get them out for a craft at kids birthday parties. Take pictures of each guest with the birthday child and then print them out on your computer in the right size. Then allow the children to decorate their frames any way that they want. Once they are done, you can put the pictures into the frames and then send them home with the children as a party favour. These are fun for everyone.

Decorating a Teenager’s Room on a Budget

We all remember our teenage years. It is a unique time of life when you are trying to find your niche and so you explore new styles and interests. Teens of today are now different. They have a need to express their own brand of style, and decorating their own bedroom lets them just do that. But you don’t need to worry. You can help your teen create a fantastic bedroom without spending a fortune!

Redecorating a teen bedroom can be a fun experience for both parents and teens. As you work together you will find that you are creating a stronger bond as well as a fun living space for your teen. One key to a successful teen bedroom project is to let the teen have the majority of control. It is their living space after all! Let them choose the style, colors, and accessories. You just make sure they understand your budget requirements and any extreme decorating don’ts.

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to freshen up a room is with a fresh coat of paint. Replace that drab and faded color with something that really brightens up the room or gives it some pop! Paint just one wall a bright color or two tone the walls with one shade on the bottom and another on the top. There are so many things you can do with a couple of cans of paint, the possibilities are endless.

It is probably time to update the bedding as well. How many teenagers are still sleeping on the bedding they fell in love with when they were nine? It is definitely time for a change. You can find great teen bedding at most department stores and online. The assortment is huge. Not only do you have a large selection of girls bedding but great teen boys bedding as well! Whatever color or style you have in mind you are sure to find it.

Know what you are looking for in bedding before you buy. Do you need sheets and a comforter or just a new comforter? Do you need queen size or full? Knowing these things will make shopping much simpler. If you only need a comforter, then you will want to look at getting a comforter set. You will get a comforter and a sham or two. Sometimes a comforter set will include a bed skirt or throw pillows as well. If you need sheets as well as a comforter, take a look at a bed in a bag set. These sets are exactly what they say, everything you need for a bed all zipped up in a bag. You will get sheets, comforter, shams, and sometimes a bed skirt and throw pillows.

After paint and new bedding, fun accessories can really make a room. There are so many fun and inexpensive bedroom accessories to choose from. You can get bright colored desk lamps and trash cans, best of all fuzzy rugs and fun throw pillows. In the fall you can find a lot of these products prominently displayed at department stores as college students are preparing to furnish their dorms!

You are only a teen once and as you remember it is a fun and carefree time of life. Let your teenager express their individual style by decorating their own bedroom.